A Warm Welcome


nigel janice

Livingston Free Church welcomes people of all ages and all backgrounds. We want to share the good news of Jesus Christ - a message that speaks of God’s love, a love so great that God sent his one and only Son to save us from our sins.

We believe that the Bible gives us God’s directions on how we are to live our lives so we study the Bible together in worship on Sundays and in our midweek meetings.

If you'd like to join us at any of our services or meetings, you would be more than welcome!

One of the great things about Livingston Free Church is that you can get teaching that is really based on God’s word, the Bible – and the Bible was written for all ages.

Also, I think the leaders really care about everyone who comes along. They are always willing to help guide and answer questions - whether to new people, or those who have been there for years.


I love LFC for many reasons! The main reasons are that it’s such a warm and friendly church and the preaching is solid and Biblical.

To me, we are more than just a 'church'. We are a family of God’s people who are eager to grow together as Christians, and provide encouragement and support to one another.

Also, as a church family, we really enjoy meeting new people. So, whatever your background, whether you plan to visit for the first time or would like to join our church family, you can always be assured of a warm welcome here!