Church Refurbishment

As you would expect, the leadership and congregation of Livingston Free Church of Scotland are always committed to ensuring that the congregation grows spiritually. We also want to ensure that the church is ready in every way possible to welcome people from the community to all our events. We aim to create an environment for teaching and fellowship, and where every individual can recognise the importance of his or her personal growth within a growing church.

To help us in these goals, we believe that some renovation of our church building is both important and necessary. The purpose of such a refurbishment would not simply be to give the church a ‘fresh look’ but to encourage more of the community to use the building and the resources available.

Of course, the refurbishment of the church must reflect the core values and strategy of the church, and Christ has to be at the centre of all we aspire to do.

In 2017, the Deacons’ Court convened a group to develop proposals for the refurbishment of the church and its location. As can be seen from the photos, although the church has been well-maintained since it was built in the early 1980s, it would benefit from some careful and sensitive redecoration.

As a relatively small congregation, our finances, while not large, are always put to good use. However, it is very important that we continue, where possible, to increase our giving for the day to day work of the church and for maintaining our church building in a manner that is fit for gospel ministry in the twenty-first century.

For all these reasons, therefore, it goes without saying that we are deeply grateful for every donation towards our church refurbishment work.

Would you like to make an online donation directly towards our refurbishment work? You can do so easily using the link below.

The refurbishment plan at present has a number of stages for the improvement of the church. 

Below is a brief outline of some areas we are looking at.

The Entrance area
Improved access for pushchairs, wheelchairs etc.

The Sanctuary
Blinds, carpets, furnishings, lighting.

Main hall, vestry and minor rooms
Chairs, tables, flooring (varnish and carpets), lighting.

Replace fixtures and furnishings. Improve the disabled access.

Car park

Lighting and carpets


Church Exterior

Church Sanctuary

Church Hall & Rooms

Livingston Free Church is a congregation of the Free Church of Scotland. We are a family orientated church which seeks to serve the community through making God known by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and living out the gospel in love to God and to our neighbours. 

You are very welcome to come along and find out more about our friendly congregation and what the church has to offer. We would love to meet you!