Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored is a seven week DVD-based discussion group that takes us to the heart of the Christian faith: who Jesus is, why he came and what claim he has upon our lives. In a relaxed setting the course uses one book of the bible, the Gospel of Mark, to unveil the identity, mission and call of Jesus. As well as discussing Mark’s Gospel the format is ideal for examining some of the issues raised against Christianity. To aid discussion a high quality DVD has been produced which deals with many of the topics which will arise throughout the course.

One life. Your life. What’s it all about?
One life. Jesus’ life. What’s is all about?

To find out more check out the Christianity Explored Website. This excellent website is an easy way for anyone who wants to find out more about the claims and beliefs of Christianity. It has lots of short videos from people who have been on the course that tell you how Jesus has changed their lives and how they ended up on a CE course. It also has videos answering some of the difficult but widely asked questions that people ask about Christianity. Questions such as ‘If there is a God, why does He allow suffering?’ and ‘Aren’t all religions basically the same?’ If you have found yourself asking these questions, or others like them, then why not find out the answers for yourself.

Christianity Explored

If you are interested please contact us for details.  The next session is planned to start Thursday 26th January: 7.30pm at the Manse.

Everyone welcome.
For more information please contact the church offices.